VIC342H1 Lecture 5: Week 5 - Veronica Franco

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Manuela Scarci

Veronica Franco Born in Venice 1546, died in 1591 Her beloved was Marco Venier Courtesans 1 in 10 inhabitants in Venice earned a living through sex Honest Courtesan sex workers varied from the most abject prostitute to the honest or honored courtesan. Supported by one or at most two wealthy clients at a time. Lived a splendid life of luxury Pieza: go between, procurer (pimp) her mother was her pimp Persona as an authored woman of letters, outspoken, female freedom, equality with her interlocutors Wrote two sonnets celebrating Henry III while also celebrating herself. Power balance is off when she gives him a gift Courtesans and Venice Ubiquitous City government alternatively tolerated them and harassed them Source of income for the city A life of luxury for those who made it Sumptuary laws forbidding them from wearing silk, lace, brocades, golden embroidery, pearls Highly educated in languages, music, dance, composition Courtesans are vulnerable to attacks by satirical poems, read by everyone Such poems would be hung from the statue of a hunchback How She Was Attacked He writes about her: Attacking her body, a monster in human flesh, adopted daughter of the French disease, interior is just as bad as her exterior, she killed someone when they suffocated on her breast and she buried them in her own body, cunning but weak, old, moldy, thin, rotten inside (attacks her body), thief, not good in bed (you have to do all the work) Attack on her livelihood and reputation Capitolo 13 Challenging her lover to a duel because he has been unfaithful. Duels were especially popular in the 16 century fighting for your public honor and respectability, meant to resolve issues. Divine resolution to a dispute (God will come down to the right side of things) It is part of a mans education to learn how to fight. Veronica is showing off knowledge she should not have (male language, ritual), the act is transgressive itself. She is being defiant She wants to see bloodshed. Intends to win Inviting him to a duel in bed (battlefield) at an inn theyve been to. Claims ignorance at first but is in control of this ritual She wants the news of his betrayal to be contained Sense of equality letting him choose. She is very masculinemanly
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