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WGS160Y1 Lecture Notes - Arlie Russell Hochschild, The Feminine Mystique, Betty Friedan

Women and Gender Studies
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June Larkin

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Sexual Division of Labour in the Family
Allocation of jobs and responsibilities according to gender
Emotion labour (rmbing the birthdays, anniversaries, card sending, etc)
Denotes the private sphere as women's place
Signals the lack of a relationship to the labour market
o Having children = less time to work or just stay home
Secondary (compare with men, breadwinner)
Why measuring unpaid household work is important?
o Women do more hours of housework whereas the men do the less
o So there can be comparisons and studies (has it shifted in modern times?)
o What about children? (how they're socialized over time)
o How many people take on a lot of housework while doing paid work
Arlie Hochschild
Second shift
o Females working at paid job and then going home to do more work
Assumptions re nuclear family
Unit utility-maximizing
Family outcomes harmonious
Unit indivisible re interests
Unit represented by head (benevolent patriarch)
o Nuclear families seem more functional to society
o Rewards from society (tax, kids won't be bullied for being in a structural fam, etc)
o The man looks out for the family (asking to speak to the man of the household)
Inside the "black box" of the household: |the problem that has no name |
Betty Friedan
American writer and activist
The Feminine Mystique
o The problem with no name
o What takes place inside households
Confined to domestic chores
Domestic made women depend on the men for breadwinning
Men benefited this directly and indirectly
Direct: the man doesn't having to do stuff when he's home for work
Indirect: frees up his time for him to do what he wants
Inequality within household/tension
Gender and generational
|Myths| About Housework
It is natural/biological, and therefore not work
o Feral female children do not know how to do housework
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