Gender Variance and Diversity System

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15 Dec 2010
Gender Variance and Diversity System
1.)The sex/Gender binary system
2.)Performing Gender
3.)Regulating the Sex/Gender Binary systemthe five laws of a bi-polar sex/gender system
What each author says regarding essay question? Compare and Contrast what each says,
difference and similarities
What is sex gender binary system?
Limitations of sex gender binary systems
Discuss with examples how the system is regulated
Must use readings
The Gender/Sex Binary: two distinct and disconnected forms of masculine and feminine
^social boundary used to prevents people from crossing or mixing gender roles
^A system which society divides people into male and female gender roles, gender identities and
Intersectional Analysis: acknowledges that ever person be it man or woman exists in the
framework of multiple identities—RoseMary Garland
Within the binary male and female is a further binary the abnormal and normal
Social constructionist : tells us that gender is a fluid construct. It is not determined by our biology,
but is a product of our environment our performance, our culture and our society, it changes, its
not natural or inherentwe dont have gender- we do gender
Gender is something people preform, take gender roles and attributes and preform them
Drag queens/kings, play with gender, highlight gender roles
What does drag do for gender? (on slide)
^Become something that isnt dysfunction
The sex gender binary system is a system, boundary and a classification.
How do we regulate the sex gender binary system?
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