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Gender & Violence Lecture

Women and Gender Studies
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June Larkin

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WGS: Gender and Violence
x Intersectionality and Gender Violence
x Violence, Colonialism and Genocide
x Individual and Structural Forms of violence
x Responses to Gender Violence
x Thomas fuller:
x In medieval times a husbands duty to punish his wife
x Historical anecdotes tell us violence against women has a long history and that it is not
contemporary, structural violence, built into our institution
x Key themes: to understand violence we have to do much more than think about gender relation
and patriarchy to understand gender violence
x Women of colour treated less fairly, men of colour more likely to be charged than white men for
x Unsafe for women of colour to report violence in marriage because of racism, complex dynamic
x Justice system makes it difficult for coloured women to report incidents of abuse
x Reasons that women of colour might be less likely to report violenceÆlanguage, financial,
sponsored, isolated, not accessible service, no knowledge of rights
x Reena Virk: murdered bulliedU]v[uv]}vZZsuffered racism, taken up as act of girl
violence, epidemic in girl violence.
x Ignored the fact that a man was involved, situates perpetrators as victims, no race analysis
x Racism was a factor because the girls burned a cigarette on her forehead trying to make the
hindu tradition of something on their forehead
x Did not target the source of the problem which was racism
x If an issue is addressed that people in public who consume the literature should respond
x vu]Z[]oWol}µPvÀ]}ovUakes about colonialism in cultural genocide
and their importance
x ^}ov^]W]v]Pv}µÁ}uv[]vvÁZ}P}}vu]]vPUµZ}]}(u]]vP
women in political context
x Andrea Smith: ÆThe social and economic marginalization of indigenous women along with a
history of government policies that have torn apart indigenous families and communities had
pushed a disproportionate number of Indigenous women into dangerous situations that include
extreme poverty, homelessness and prostitution
x Highway of tears: a lot of aboriginal have gone missing
x Walk of justice: activists cross country trek for missing women Activists start cross country trek
for missing women
x Key points in walk bring attention that government paying less attention to these murders,
racism built in the system
x ^ People went from Vancouver to Ottawa, and stopped in twenty cities to raise awareness
x ]((v(}u}(s]}ovZÇ((Á}uv[µ]ÇWtUPvPUu]oUv
and date rape, cultural violence, sexual harassment, medical violence, massacred and terrorism
x Medical Violence: in some cases women are forced sterilized, push for nationalism abortion is
illegal, necessary to reproduce, abortion of female fetus because male children are preferred
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