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WGS272 Lecture #5

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Women and Gender Studies
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Dina Georgis

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020912 WGS272 Lecture 5 Queer performance imitation and shame The limits of namingFor Butler identity categories tend to be instruments of regulatory regimes even if they are rallying points for libratory regimes We recall from Foucault power always requires its OtherFor Butler pleasure is produced from the instability of the categoriesIdentity categories try to control the very eroticism they try to claim describe and authorize They inadvertently normalize they tell you how to be What becomes known when I come out as lesbian asks Butler We as humans tend to love binaries if there is heterosexuals there must be homosexuals We have to be continually be open to criticismClaiming I amTo claim is to totalize Iit is to say that I know who I am But todo os it must exclude and manage what is in excess of what defines IIdentity categories leaves no room for confusion When you come out as a lesbian you disclose the full content of I Strict signifiers produce a whole set of other closets and new enclosuresBut what if anything do lesbians share asks ButlerAvowing or disavowing identitiesWhat does it mean to avow an identity that can only maintain its coherence by disavowals If lesbians is derived from hegemonic heterosexuality regarded as copy of the real thing then does it make sense to reinscribe lesbianismOr does it make m
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