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Lecture 7

WGS372H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Masculinity

Women and Gender Studies
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Pat Durish

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WGS372 Lecture 7 July 24 - Masculinity: Lax, Person, Meyer
boys envy their mother & ultimately women; they want to be able to experience
pregnancy - womb envy
eventually boys realize they will never be like their mother; dread that they can't be like
their mothers - narcissitic mortification; exhibited through rage, pain, inferiority
these intense emotions become a despise for their mother for not giving them their
qualities: boys identify with their fathers initially only as a defence mechanism to
disidentify from their mothers & to suppress this desire
it's deemed inappropriate for the boys to claim desire to be like women; so in turn they
despise all things women & perform masculinities,
devaluation & hostile attitudes to women by men has its roots there as a defence
mechanism & internalization of these suppressed feelings
genital envy affect both boys and girls
In Relation
relates to Benjamin's theory of public/private sphere of the demonization of femininity
Sophie felt strong & in control when she was trying to kill herself, she wanted to take
back some of that control
she sees femininity as a dependence on her mother & tries to disassociate from
her by performing masculinity & rejecting her femininity (ie. the feminine clothing
her mom wanted her to wear & gymnastics deforming her body)
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