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Women and Gender Studies
Michelle Murrphy

Week 2 Readings: Neoliberalism, slow violence, and the environmental Picaresque by Nixon - it is space and not time that hides consequences from us - three of the defining characteristics of the contemporary neoliberal order: first, the widening chasm—within and between nations—that separates the mega-rich from the destitute; second, the attendant burden of unsustainable ecological degradation that impacts the health and livelihood of the poor most directly; and third, the way, under cover of a free market ideology, powerful transnational corporations exploit the lopsided universe of deregulation, whereby laws and loopholes are selectively applied in a marketplace a lot freer for some societies and classesthan for others. - Animal's People, a picaresque novel about the dissociative rituals of a neoliberal transnationalism determined to disown, across time and space, the toxic repercussions innate to its practices, repercussions that will return to haunt it - Discrimination predates disaster: in failures to maintain protective structures, failures at pre- emergency hazard mitigation, failures to maintain infrastructure, failures to organize evacuation plans for those who lack private transport, all of which make the poor and racial minoritie
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