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University of Toronto St. George
Women and Gender Studies
June Larkin

1840 anti slavery convention A resolution on women’s suffrage Seconded by Frederick douglas- born into slavery, abolitionist, eloquent speaker, writer The north star – black educated and womens right advocate newspaper False dichotomy – women made for motherhood or political strife, not both Seneca falls convention -harmful effect of institution of marriage - lowell mill girls leaders of labor movement in US Board of directors of lowell’s textile mills reduced the workday by 30 minutes in 1847 First investigation done into labour conditions in the US At time when women couldn’t vote, Lowell mill girls took a stand and fought to be heard - At Seneca falls convention, slave women issue were completely ignored - Did not see link between slavery, oppressive conditions in factories and womens’ right to vote - Frederick douglas created solidarity “the second sex” “othering” non western cultures, to subordinate them In Victorian period, western feminists used india as reference point for “less developed” Western feminists used othering as political strategy to get the vote. Used racism to fight sexism. If women weren’t given vote, theyd be like slaves,
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