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University of Toronto St. George
Women and Gender Studies
June Larkin

-topics where intersectionality is key Think specifically in terms of topics No tutorial dec. 1 “a woman, a spaniel and a walnut tree. The more beaten, the better they’ll be” th Men expected to scold, beat, punish women (wives) – 15 century marriage manual. Beat out of charity, not rage. Forms of violence built into societal institution – marriage, raising children – committed by individuals, but built into the system Racism in the justice system Women of colour treated less well than white women in legal system, less likely to be believed, be taken seriously, supported Men of colour more likely to be charged, committed Woman of colour beaten by man of colour, marginalized community, might feel protective of abuser because she’s aware of how he’s treated unfairly by justice system because of race Racialized men are also victims of structural violence Citizenship status Immigrant women less likely than non immigrant women to report incidences of violence – worried about immigrant status, their abuser might be their sponsor, language barriers, might not be aware of rights, financial reasons Reena virk Beaten drown for being “overweight teen who didn’t fit in” 6 girls, 1 boy charged for her death Couldn’t fit in -- brown in a white society, overweight in a thin society, killed because her difference seen as an affront to their society --- in posters, no one mentioned racism. If she had been white & thin, she would have fit in and she wouldn’t have been killed. Media portrayed it as ‘girl on girl’ violence. But it wasn’t all about gender, it was also about race, body size. Other things needed to be considered in analysis that weren’t considered in media. “programs needed to convince girls not to be violence towards each other” Butted out cigarette in the middle of her forehead – reminiscent of bindi – wasn’t named as racism, named as violence Not about girl violence – that’s not a national problem – racism certainly is. - The murder of reena virk needs to be understood in the context of violence against racially subordinated women - That’s the analytic needed to be working with, not “girl violence” Culture and violence “honour killing in west asia..” – sharzaad did not write this quote, she critiqued it but it was attributed to her in the shafia trial. Identifies “arabness” as source or cause of male violence in the name of “honour” Nothing to do with “arabness”, rather, a product of patriarchy In that year, 25 women killed by their partner, but most of those weren’t called honour killings. This type of abuse happens in many cultures because of patriarchy, cant attribute it to a certain culture. Important to criticize a brutal regime, but its something else to generalize to an entire culture “culturalizing violence” ‘girl interrupted’ Might not have been a religious issue, could be cultural, within family Labelling this one example as multiculturalism “is this the price of multiculturalism” – question is actually a statement, says “we’ve gone too far with multiculturalism” Binary: wear her hijab or be with her western friends, not both Problem not women in any faith Must be looked at in terms of violence against wo
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