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University of Toronto St. George
Women and Gender Studies
June Larkin

Oct. 17 th 1) Essay tips and referencing APA Manual of the American psychological association, 6 edition, second printing Referencing an idea: “not a direct quote, summary of ideas from multiple paragraphs” (Grewal & Kaplan, 2006) Direct quote “quoted whatever” (Grewal & Kaplan, 2006, p. 4) don’t string a bunch of quotes together. Use them to really make a point, illuminate/express an idea clearly. Use selectively. Quote longer than 40 words: Some feminists scholars argue that: Indented quote more than 40 words (Grewal & Kaplan, 2006, p. 3) Bibliography: copy from pdf reading list ABORIGINAL WOMEN, COLONIALISM & THE STATE Aboriginal women force behind thinking of feminism beyond simple gender analysis – intersectionality! Raven: protector, part of Stacey, connecting. Raven = catalyst?starts the motion, revolution, passes it on, at the end it’s weak, weeps. Change, transformation Apology: moves the burden onto the injured to forgive Prior to colonization, women had better status. Gov’t of Canada caused so much harm to respect of women, way women were honoured. Haida gwaii: bloackading road to stop logging of charlotte islands Nov. 1985 haida put themselves between trees and island Lisle island. Logging stopped. Their land is how they survived smallpox, Christianity, residential schools Healing power of the trees, land Tobique new Brunswick: Pitched tent at band council. Woman married a non indian so didn’t have status, no rights. 1977. native women had few rights. On reserves, husbands could evict them. Women and children living in shacks
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