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Women and Gender Studies
June Larkin

Sept 24 week Transnational feminism: pays attention to differences at the same time as it promotes connections Transnational: new forms of international alliances and networks across national boundaries made possible by new media and technologies as well as political economic and - Pays attention to inequalities and differences that arise from new forms of globalization as well as older histories of colonialism and racism - Looking outward (new forms of globalization and the inequalities produced) - Looking backward (older histories of colonialism and racism) THE OBJECTIVITY OF SCIENCE “SCIENCE IS THE CREATIVE PRODUCT OF THE ENGAGEMENT BETWEEN THE SCIENTIST’S PSYCHE AND THE EVENTS TO WHICH [THE SCIENTIST] IS ATTENTIVE” ---- science is not a neutral activity Science reflects the social conventions of that time Description of reproduction mirror characteristics of stereotypes of feminine/masculine I.e. sperm is strong, athletic, egg is passive Anthropomorphism: the attribution of human characteristics to non human creatures or objects SEX DIFFERENCES AND CHANGING IDEAS OF GENDER A BINARY: is two opposite terms in which one may be subordinated to the other, for example, the binaries of male/female, modern/tradition, mind/body Scientific sexism Essentialism: the claim that there is an inherent characteristic of
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