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Women Studies Lesson Nationalism and collective gender identitiesOct31.docx

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University of Toronto St. George
Women and Gender Studies

Women Studies Lesson Nationalism and collective gender identities Oct.31 1) Nation, Nationalism and National identity 2) Women, the state and nation- building 3) Masculinist Protection - Masculinity and femininity is constructed as part of the nation - Difference between nation and state Nation: - A collection of people who have come to believe that they have been shaped by a common past and our destined to share a common future pg. 222 - believe themselves to be similar or connected by a common identity pg. 151 State: - The political and bureaucratic institutions, practices and policies that govern a given terriotory and population pg.151 Canadian symbols we identify with: ex. Maple leaf, hockey- these symbols create connections across people, familiar sometimes leave people out, ex. I am Canadian commercial, accent, white male What vision of Canadian gets represented, who is included or not included Theme from readings: challenge commonness as the goal of nationalism Dionne Brand - Renowned poet - Books about national identity Assimilation to Canadian culture, immigrants coming to Canada and changing to fit in with the Canadian culture The Chinese Exclusion Act- banned Chinese immigration from 1923 to 1947 Key theme from readings: race and nation building Women involved in state practices and policies 1) Biological producers of members of ethnic collectivities 2) Women as reproducers of the boundaries of ethnic/ national groups - State can regulate this, Saskatchewan Female Employment Act of 1912- prevented oriental males from hiring white female workers, no
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