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Lecture 4

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Women and Gender Studies
June Larkin

Gender, Race, & Colonizing Knowledge October 9 , 2013 Lecture 4 Interrogating Race Race, Colonialism and Mental Illness The 3 Pillars of White Supremacy Slavery/Capitalism Colonialism/Genocide Lee Maracle: Ravensong Intersex and Intersectionality are different. Intersex are people whose bodies don’t fit neatly into the male/female binary. Intersectionality is when we think about how multiple identities create different experiences (gender, race, etc.). David Reimer - Judith Butler doesn’t come down on either side of the binary. She said that it doesn’t have to be nature or nurture. - “They can’t conceive of leaving someone alone” Cheryl from… Why is it problematic to use ‘race’ as a biological category? In what ways has colonialism been both a raced and gendered process? Race - Race is arbitrary and changeable which goes against the notion that it’s a biological category - Similar to gender we’re going to think of race as a social construction o Over 90% of genetic variation is shared by all national, racial, or ethnic groups - Race can be defined by many things such as o Skin colour o Brain size o Hair texture o Facial characteristics o Genes o Ancestry o Bone structure o Geography o …. - Once the enlightenment came in people shifted from listening to religious leaders to scientists - Linnaeus Taxonomy – the system of scientific classification widely used in the biological sciences o Blumenbach expanded his work o He used the skull to define the 5 category of races  Caucasian, the white race  Mongolian, the yellow race  Malayan, the brown race  Ethiopian, the black race  American, the red race  He used geographic areas, places Gender, Race, & Colonizing Knowledge October 9 , 2013 Lecture 4  First categories of race based on geography, which later shifted to appearance o Race is a complex and shift categorical system. Race matters. - Racialization – the process of assigning a racial category o It can be a scientific process or a cultural process, but it is always a political process because it carries power and dominance o Race became a justific
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