WGS272 Lecture #2

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Women and Gender Studies
Dina Georgis

011912WGS272 Lecture 2 Stonewall Historical Context of Queer and Contemporary ChallengesContext of Stonewall Riots Civil right movements in the 1960sBlack powerWomens movement Antiwar activism Many gay activists involved in aboverelated protests but there was no gay protestsHomophile group reformist conservative wanted to integrate into societyStonewallPolice raided Stonewall bar in Manhattan in1969Stonewall was a popular bar for trans women and people of colourT was a climate where homos had achieved some freedom from harassment from police but then it started to accelerate againJudy Garland had just died Many argued that her death incited the riot Judy Garland was a movie star glamorous the gay community liked glamour she had issues such as drugs and health problems and Hollywood placed a lot of restraint and pressure on herHistoricizing stonewallNarrativized as the event that launched gay activism and prideWhat gets lost in the story of stonewall is the role that trans women of colour played in this historic eventStonewall has bee coopted by gay activists as their riot and coming out As Manalansan points out many of the those went out on the street never identified with the coming out
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