WGS272 Lecture #4

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Women and Gender Studies
Dina Georgis

020212WGS272 Lecture 4What is Epistemology What is knowledgeHow is knowledge acquired How do we know what we know o Freud and Foucault each offer us an epistemology different perspectiveso For Foucault knowledge is historical circulates through discourseo For Freud knowledge is an outcome of our desires fears and anxieties Foucaults epistemologyBeliefs ideas are historical Identities are also historical ie gay cannot be taken for granted it is a historical construct made for the changing conditions of the social and discursive worldThe more we take ideas beliefs and identities for granted the more power they havePower for Foucault is linked to knowledge not people which assumes the authority of truthwe are not questioning what we know or think therefore not likely to protest and resist We do perform what we believe in Anything new is going to happen within the field of knowledgeTechnologies of PowerFoucault believed that power works through institutional apparatus and its technologies techniques rule laws institutions morality administrative measuresPower works like a machineparts coming together to create thisa discursive system of thought and knowledge that circulates every corner of the social world The more we accept the more power it hasSex and incitement to discourse th For Foucault repression and
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