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University of Toronto St. George
Women and Gender Studies
Dina Georgis

thWGS272Thursday January 26 2012Lecture 3Queer OriginsFreuds TeachingsHow did we understand sexuality before FreudBiology science illnessoThis is what determined what sexuality constituted before the time of FreudStudies for instance were conducted to see if theres relationships between size of the clitoris and female homosexuality oSuggesting that our biological makeup is linked to someones sexuality There were no social or psychological explanations for understanding peoples sexuality Freuds Contribution to Sexuality Allowed us to think about sexuality beyond biology and beyond the binary of biology vs social constructionoDidnt sever the fact that we are anatomical beings oBasically undid the binary of biology versus cultureOur sexuality is a developmental process ie children have a sexuality oChildren have a sexualityoThere is a tendency that young children and infants dont have a sexuality which isnt true oFreud did believe there is a period of latency where children kind of shun their sexuality where it then returns in pubertyOur experiences leave impressions on us that are psychically very deep they almost feel innateoWere relational beings oWho we are is primarily based on our relationship to our parents and societyoOur experiences leave impressions on our sexualities that shape our identities sexual subjectivitiesHe introduced the idea of the unconscious which suggests that who we are and our sexualities are not always transparent oHe suggests that who we are is not very clear to our own selveswhy our sexuality is this way or that way is not that transparent and is hard to tracedifficult to know where it happened oWe cant really undo ourselves to the core to figure it outoHuman sexuality is very complexChallenged the Enlightenment notion that we can know ourselves But still believed psychoanalysis to be a science that would uncover the unknown oWe are clear on who we are and how we do things oFreud believed that psychoanalysis was a sciencethe science of the human Freuds Biological DrivesEros or the life drive libido survival oBelieved in instinctual drives
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