WSG272 Lecture #7

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Women and Gender Studies
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Dina Georgis

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Paper pushed back a week 030112WSG272 Lecture 7 Feminine Masquerade and the ButchFemme Aesthetic PassingThink about queerness as desire Think about race gender identity and how they intersectWomanliness as Masquerade Joan Riviere 1929Main argument women who wish for masculinity may put on a mask of womanliness to avert anxiety and retribution from men Rivere was witnessing the changing roles of women and the anxieties it produced in them Rivere noticed the prevalence of anxiety in heterosexual women but homosexual women also displayed a degree of anxiety In 1929 to have a job is something that man only had hence woman were regarded with masculinityPutting on womanlinessWomen put on or accentuate a coquettish flirty performance as veil Riviere draws no line between genuine womanliness and the masquerade Women become womanly To become a woman you have to refuse or undermine masculine characteristics confidence authority rationality and masculine interests eg building sports Who is more womanliness in Passing Irene or Clare o Clare shes seem as the dollo Both woman are womanly but it just depends on how they perform thisWomanlinessMasculinity
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