WSG272 Lecture #8

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Women and Gender Studies
Dina Georgis

030812WSG272 Lecture 8 Fun Home Queer Traumas and TragediesTraumaTrauma is a difficult experience that you cant anticipate are not prepared foro Fathers deathsuicide It takes time to digest or make sense of a traumatic experienceo The ghastly grins of Allison and her brother page 47 o The body doesnt know how to respond What gets threatened Is memory and knowledge itselfo The status of truth and knowledge is questionable One of the ways trauma gets worked through is by the efforts that go into trying narrativize the experienceo Writing a graphic novelo Page 196 Maybe Im trying to render my senseless meaningless lost The ghosts of trauma One can never really forget a traumatic experienceBecause trauma shatters it always leaves traces residues fragments in its wake we might think of these traces as ghosts Indeed the more difficult the experience the bigger the ghostsTrauma leaves you haunted the ghosts are always present even if you dont want to directly engage with themSymbolic structure of Fun Home Bechdel writes her memoir symbolically through literary texts Icarus The Great Gatsby etcUnable to access or make sense of her experience she narrates her mem
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