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Women and Gender Studies
Dina Georgis

stWGS272Thursday March 1 2012Lecture 7Feminine MasqueradeAnd the ButchFemme AestheticWomanliness as MasqueradeJoan Rivire1929 Main argument women who wish for masculinity may put on a mask of womanliness to avert anxiety and retribution from menHaving a job being intelligent was considered to be masculine Saw a pattern that women put on a mask of femininity to defend themselves against the anxiety when they are behaving like men etcRivire was witnessing the changing roles of women and the anxieties it produced in themRivire noticed the prevalence of anxiety in heterosexual women but homosexual women also displayed a degree of anxietyHomosexual women also have this anxietyMore heterosexual women were anxious in comparison to homosexual women Putting On WomanlinessWomen put on or accentuate a coquettish flirty performance as a veilRivire draws no line between genuine womanliness and the masqueradeDefines womanliness as a masquerade femininity as a masqueradethe more womanly you are the more the masquerade Women become womanly We are not born women we become women To become a woman you have to refuse or undermine masculine characteristics confidence authority rationality and masculine interests eg building sportsYou negotiate these things differently Feminine masquerades are performed very differently in relation to Irene and ClareClare is womanly Clare kind of acts as though she is not smartClare defers to authorityin a way where she gets what she wants Which is also a type of masquerade Meanwhile Irene wants her intelligence to be known WomanlinessMasculinity must be castrated to produce womanlinessWomanliness is the acceptance of castrationDisempowermentthe notion of giving up power It is the acceptance of not identifying with your father the phallic or his authority and powerOr it pretends to accept castration by disguising itself with the feminine masqueradeIn this way femininity constitutively seems more ironic than masculinity When we give masculine traits up its a lot deeper However in Joan Riveres thinking its more of a disguise
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