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Lecture 11

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University of Toronto St. George
Women and Gender Studies
Dina Georgis

thWGS272Thursday March 29 2012Lecture 11Homonormativity and HomonationalismThe Homonormative Lisa DugganA politics that does not contest dominant heteronormative assumptions and institutions but upholds and sustains themProminent lesbian and gay rights organizations increasingly embrace agendas that vie for acceptance within contemporary economic and political systemsSince the 1980s this has occurredThese organizations have accepted certain rights while giving up activist agendas that the mainstream might have a problem withNeoliberal philosophy of consumer and private rights rather than that of citizen rightsNormative culture has accepted gays to a certain degree because it benefits from itEndorse normative and familyoriented formations associated with domestic partnership monogamy against promiscuity to prevent AIDS adoption and gendernormative social roles There is a kind of erosion in celebrating perversion Gender normative social rolesqueers need to clean up their act and look representable to culture Independent Gay ForumLeading organization was the Independent Gay ForumThey wanted legal equality and inclusion in turn gays would contribute to decency of our national lifeThey wanted gays to be imagined as being contributors to the nationstateBelieved in personal liberty and moral autonomy and believed that these values depend on the institution of a free market economy and limited government the fundamental values of neoliberalismBelieved in capitalism and no state controlThey do not contest heteronormative assumptions and institutionsInstitutions like marriageThey were against radical social changeNeoliberalismis privatization the term that describes the transfer of wealth and decision making from public moreorless accountable decisionmaking bodies to individual or corporate unaccountable handsNeoliberalisms main goal is a global economy that allows any business person to set up shop anywhere without any regulations Neoliberation is essentially privatization Neoliberals want the state to support privatization and promote welfare state programs especially those that benefit the more affluent They depend on the state to deregulate as much as possibleNeoliberalism has a sexual politics gay access to marriage and the military Notarightto privacy in public but legal recognition for private choices 1
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