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Women and Gender Studies

Definition 8, Biological androcentrism Definition: Androcentrism means male-centered-ness. People usually assume that the view of males and male experiences are the norm for human behavior. Females and female experiences on the other hand are typically considered as ‘abnormal’, invisible or as exceptions from the norm. Biological androcentrism proposes the ideas of which males are privileged over females. Men are seen as the center in society and women are just the subordinates to men. Critical Significance: This is significant due to that fact how people are hard-wired about the differences in male and female making bias androcentric claims. Male in society are classified under the definitions of aggressive, masculine, superior, active, which all leads to men being promiscuous. According to Darwanian, the relative cost of male and female in producing a healthy offspring by passing down desirable genes to the next generation is the process of evolutionary success. For male, reproductive success depends upon the ability to fertilize large number of eggs available. Male is seen to be the ‘sperm bank’ as they try to fertilize as many eggs as he can. Women on the other hand, are stereotyped and generalized as both a sexual object and as homemakers because they only require one successful mating before their eggs can be fertilized. In western cultures, males are typically considered as the traditi
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