Sex, Advertising and the Politics of Consumption

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Women and Gender Studies
D.Alissa Trotz

Representation Representation is a communication (language) that can be spoken, written, it can also be visual, very tactile for it to be effective so that it seems natural and we all have to share the same way of reading that language. Meanings that we give to things are the result of social, cultural or linguistic norms that a society shares as well as in practices of interpretation. Not all ideas can equally contend, some versions of language are more dominant as well as language has the ability of being able to change with time, for example words like gay (sexualhappy), wicked (coolevil) have come to represent different things.. Once upon a time the ideal woman was considered to be a large hipped and graceful woman but that representation of the ideology of a woman changed after the Second World War. Women at the end of the war were expected to return to domesticity and the emerging representation of the ideal female came to be represented in the form of Barbie. A blue-eyed blonde doll, with l
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