WGS334 - Class 1

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University of Toronto St. George
Women and Gender Studies
Sarah Trimble

Jan 8th - Class One - Introductions • Prof. going through syllabus • She will post slides up before class • She writes comments on your assignments except for the final essay, but if you really want her input on it she could do it. What is Survivalism? • Persistence in the aftermath of a disaster • It is a movement of different group who is actively preparing for emergency • Survival skills (bunker skills) How does feminism have to do with survivalism? • What might come after disaster? • What different version of that future will look like? • Offer different perspectives • Question of reproductivity • Secure reproductive labor • World of survivalism is a sexist one • "mommy I am hungry, mommy i am hungry, daddy i am thirsty" poster, implying that you can survive for weeks without food, but only days without water. • The idea that to protect his family is the man's responsibility, paternal protector • Imagining what is the future look like, often attached to the children. • hoarding resources, claiming territories, fortifying security, securing reproductivity • History of violence and history of resistance Neoliberal Speculations • Survivalist ethics • The way to look at ruin landscape as risky, full of threatening others, but profitable as well • neoliberal economic theory • imagine devastated lands • "iraq is open for business", free market can come in, people can invest etc. • gentrification, for example Detroit (fallen into ruine) • Found the world again with the image i prefer • New world (all kinds of violence founded the new world or just a new world after disaster) • N
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