WGS334 - Class 3

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Women and Gender Studies
Sarah Trimble

Jan 22 - Class Three • Assignment rubrics are up, same with next upcoming assignment • Matheson book is available on Friday/ find it through other means Recap: Modernity and 'freedom' • idea of freedom and enlightenment • 'interpretation of the past' (connects to what we talked about history of the zombies etc.) • words like 'freedom' if without attachment to history, it becomes vague • ex) Operation Iraqi Freedom • Important to think about political history and experience • If connects Hegel's 'freedom' to Haitian Revolution it can mean resistance and capital/ white supremacy • If we connect Hegel's idea of 'freedom' to real political experiences he was encountering at his time then 'freedom' could mean something else differently • 'freedom' is flawed and unfinished The Comaroffs 'Alien-nation' article • (779) • connects millennial zombies • (like riots, expels waste product of society, swelling global underclass) • (784) • 'eavesdropping' • to investigate the emergence of zombie tales in tabloids • (782) • idea about money magic etc. • 'experiential contradiction' (interested in the contradiction that some people are getting very rich very suddenly, but majority of people experience the opposite, for example loosing jobs, poverty, not experiencing freedom) • freedom as in the freedom of the free market • how zombies helps people to understand this contradiction • idea that rich people have 'zombies', the undead labourers working for them • (780-81) • 'perceived salience'idea that production has become less important in terms of generating wealth • we have to shift our understanding of wealth (if it is not connected to production anymore) • 'virtue of their closure' for example, Detroit, the ruined landscape image • 'fons et origo' the source and origin • idea that the wealth comes from speculations of the market (for example stocks) • underground economies can also produce labour Workers of the world, Faint! • garment workers in Cambodian factories will suddenly faint together • in reality one woman claim to be possessed by the spirit in order to 'protest' for more money/ breaks • claim that they've been exploited by forces beyond their control, this connects to what we talked about 'unseen forces', 'invisible hand' and Comaroffs • the disruption in production which leads to negotiation of worker's demands • local context is important 28 Days Later / 'the end is fucking nigh' • the quote is written on the church wall in the movie • Filmed with small DV cameras, lower resolution whenever they show the infected • Tell My Horse (206) • the photographer is attempting to capture the 'zombie' • she is resisting, attempt to get something from the 'zombie' but all results in nothing except for looking at her and you can't look at her for long On looking relations… • looking is power • the power to see without being seen (the ones being captured by the camera can't look back/capture the ones behind the camera) • In Dracula the way he controls the zombies is by giving his gaze • (168) too look right in the eyes of the 'master' is seen as resistance, that's why Blacks have the habit of looking downward • 'dead eyes' eyes that doesn't look But what if the 'wreckage' looks back • eyes are very important in 28 days/ weeks later • how do you know someone is infected? in the film is when the eyes appears bloodshot/ red • in 28 weeks later, the eye symbol becomes more complicated (materialized in 2 different coloured eyes) 'in order to cure, you must first understand' • rage is an emotio
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