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Women and Gender Studies
Dina Georgis

WGS350 Lecture 3 - Terrorized and Terrorizing Masculinity January 22, 2013 Film: This Is England • In the 70s and 80s, derogatory terms were being thrown around even on primetime television; it was very anti-foreign. • Skinhead movement was an anti-establishment group. They had politics but it was very messed up and skewed. Some skinheads saw the problems lied in the foreigners and some skinheads did not. • People of color became a threat because of the recession and the lack of jobs. People resented POCs because they "took up jobs" that "rightly belonged to white people". • Masculinity is complex. Boys are not born to be violent; there is history and complexity. Violence in men is complex. • Hooks looks at the problem of boyhood and masculinity lovingly. Hooks wants to say that we don't know how to love boys. This is a systemic thing, we let boys cry longer. We don't hold their hands when they're suffering. We don't do the cooing that we may do with girls, rendering them developing softer. We recreate masculinity in our actual parenting. • Hooks says that it traumatizes boys. • "Men don't cry" - this is what boys hear and they get shamed for having feelings. • To emerge out of masculine culture, to end up as someone like Woody, is an achievement. • If we don't start being gentler and softer with masculinity, we'll keep reproducing it over and over again. • These reproductions are very subtle. They begin at such a young age in such subtle ways that reproduces masculine culture. • Vulnerability allows you to enter into power dynamics. Within the film, the boys who were vulnerable became racists because it gave them power. • There is a constant compensation of lack. The most masculine and powerful end up being the most vulnerable. Hegemonic masculinity is a fantasy. Teenage boys are the most unloved group because they are just cast aside with the notion of • "boys will be boys". • Masculinity is about identification of authority. • Paradox surrounding race an
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