Lecture 01 Introduction

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Women and Gender Studies
June Larkin

IntroductionJanuary1212112 PMConcepts debates in GenderHealth NameWomenHealth to gender and health Gender as an analytical tool to study rather than women who are the subjects of health studies etc How gender is taken upvideowwwgenderandhealthcaGeneral critique of the binary systemThinking about gendersex beyond the binaries Gender and Health gender roles and unequal gender relations interact with other social and economic variables resulting in different and sometimes inequitable patternsof exposure to health risk and in differential accessto and utilization of health information care and servicesThese differences in turn have clear impact on health outcomes How do we think about gender in relation to healthNext week reading take up gender in different waysHow do they take up genderHow do illnesses get constructedWhat social notions are embedded in those constructions Drapetomania httpenwikipediaorgwikiDrapetomaniaPMDD httpenwikipediaorgwikiPremenstrualdysphoricdisorderTendency to say that women should not be in positions of decision making during the time they are affe
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