Lecture 02 Theoretical Frameworks

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Women and Gender Studies
June Larkin

Theoretical Frameworks Upcoming event jan 265pm January1912william du auditorium 1218 PMThe politics of protest on FB In library example of position paper Gender and health terms and dilemmas 1The Yentl syndome 2jramdeenrogerscomConcept of Medicalization 3jeanette RamdeenDVD the Business of Being Born4TutorialGlobalization as global capitalism Picked one idea from one paper that was not analyzed enough and critiqued it using the other articles PAVE method of markingPresentationAttendanceVerbalEffort Each weighted at 25 to make up your mark Terms and Definitions Social determinants exacerbate biological vulnerabilitiesThe link between health and biology creates a conundrum for feminist who argue of gender differences as a social construction Video relationship between biological and social in the context of gender and health In the same way we might want to avoid the malefemale binary we might also need to think about avoiding binary thinking in terms of gender and healthMedicalization bad antimedicalization gooddont do itBiology and social as a separatedont do it In health sciences differences between men and women are more influenced by biology than differences betwe
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