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Women and Gender Studies
Ramona Aggalia

Gender and Violence January 29, 2013 Guest Lecturer Green Dot Strategy • Violence prevention that takes a bystander approach • Younger people at are a higher risk of power based personal violence such as sexual assault and dating violence • The strategy is to think about what we can do to prevent these acts of violence. It may be checking in on someone who is vulnerable while they are out at a party • Red dots are an act of violence or a choice to tolerate, justify and perpetuate this violence • Green dots are behaviours, choices, words or attitudes that promote safety for everyone • Power-based personal violence: form of violence that has a primary motivator the assertion of power, control and/or intimidation in order to harm another. This may include partner violence, sexual assault and stalking. It may involve the use of alcohol or drugs to commit any of these acts. Acts can be committed by strangers or people who we know • Sexual violence: any sexual contact that lacks consent and/or capacity to give consent • Partner violence: physical, sexual or psychological harm or threat of harm, by a current or former partner • Stalking: course of conduct targeted at an individual or group that would cause a reasonable person to feel afraid. May be because of a breakup • Obstacles that keep us from doing green dots: o Personal obstacles- people may feel uncomfortable with drugs and may not intervene in a situation with drugs o Social/peer pressure- reactions of others labeling people as “cockblock” for not letting someone very intoxicated have sex or it is “uncool” to stop someone from driving home drunk o Bystander effect- diffusion of responsibility especially when its with a large group of people or within a large city, fear of embarrassment or being wrong o Safety- if it is a stranger, then the risk is much higher. If it is a friend, we are more scared
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