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Jim Davies

JAN, 21 2013 WDW210 Lecture 3 Draft Assignment: - Proper written essay introduction (intro to the topic/research question, outline what will you be arguing, - Brief one page outline (in point form) - Provide 5 academic references that you plan to us, with a preview of the source o NO LECTURES - APA , 3 pages for draft Continuation from last week Do the Police Prevent Crime? - The police have little impact from a macro POV on crime rates - Doubling the size of the police force would not do anything - Police Strength (# of officers on the street) - Police patrolling practices o Patrolling in certain Hot spots has decreased crime rate, otherwise does not work - Response time o Clearance time has not decreased despite the faster response time - Criminal investigation techniques o Crimes are solve when witnesses come forward and when victims provide necessary information o Eye witness 99% of the time occurs to help, interviewing is what solves most crimes - Arrest rates o Aggravated assault .. 80-90% arrest when police arrive at scene and is able to provide clear detailed information about who the accused is o The proportion of crime that end in arrest should be proportionally represented with the convicted rate Why Don’t the Police Do a Better Job Preventing Crime (Possible Explanations) - The police do not control the social causes of crime - Too few police? - Limited police resources? - Liberal (soft) criminal justice system (offenders have too many rights, lenient sentences, etc.)? - Poorly trained, unmotivated (sometimes corrupt) police officers? - Police can’t control the social causes of crime? Conservative strategies for Increasing Police Effectiveness - Decrease rights of civilian suspects – particularly ex-convicts. - Increase police numbers. - Increase police sweeps/crackdowns/task forces, etc. - Implement community policing. • Conservative and liberal strategy - Focus on crime hot-spots. JAN, 21 2013 • Reactive and proactive police activity > dramatic downturn in criminal activity • Broken windows policing, if you focus on small crimes, crimes of public disorder etc, you will ultimately reduce major crimes such as gun violence, B&E, - Reduce criminal opportunities through the use of technology (cameras, etc.) public education and cooperation with other institutions. • Ie, Red light cameras Liberal Strategies for Increasing Police Effectiveness - Legalize drug use and other “vice” crimes. • A lot of time has been spent on gambling drug trafficking, drug use, prostitution • Chao, drug users would commit other offences to get money for drug use • Illegal economies do generate other types of crime - More focus on community crime prevention and community development. • More integrated, economic development, education programs • More effort on community policing and community developments - Implement community policing. - Improve police relationships with the public. - Introduce alternative forms of punis
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