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Lecture 12

WDW210 Lecture 12

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Woodsworth College Courses
Jim Davies

MARCH 25 2013h WDW210 Lecture 12 Guest Speaker: - Chief Blair: did admit that there is racial profiling but not when he did a lecture in class - Nigerian born, African American Legal Clinic - Experience plus opportunity - VP and Eglinton “Priority Neighborhood” - Waiting outside the convenience store, cant wait there, leaves and goes back, associate ruffled up the store owner, allowed to wait outside - Peer pressure was imposed - What was expected of a black men - Kipling and Finch - When you cant pay you have to abide by the rules, had to pay dues through other means (robbery) - Galloway and Cadaracy - lesson: don’t linger, deal with things as they come - whitby to Oshawa, kicked out of school mid grade 10 - plead guilty to robbery charge - the guards are setting up the fights in jail (youth jail) o always defending self and position, around 20 days of hell - Brampton, no school worked in factory overnight - Jane and Finch, third day walking (probation), no weapons allowed. o But he was a target o Underc
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