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Lecture 11

WDW210 Lecture 11

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University of Toronto St. George
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Jim Davies

MARCH 18 TH 2013 WDW210 Lecture 10 Guest Speaker: Chief Blair The nature of policing - Joined in 1976 - Crime fighting notion from watch the television (fighting bad guys) - Foot patrol, technology had a big impact - Very poor relationship with the police (Region Park) - Organized drug crime, hold up squad, undercover positions - Police should come whenever, not when there was a problem o Building relationship with a community will make a significant different - Without a relationship, trust, the police can not build a successful relationship, especially with those that are vulnerable to victimization o Relationships are sustained - 2005, became the chief of police - Significant issue: racism and racial profiling - Police was about reaction, a reaction to crime o Success was measured on how fast the response was, not about the effect/ success rate - neighborhood police service o the summer of the gun (?) o making the police officers as visible people to the community  presence in
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