WDW210 Lecture 9

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Woodsworth College Courses
Jim Davies

MARCH 4 TH2013 WDW210 Lecture 9 The Objectives of Punishment and the Impact of Criminal Deportation Types of Punishment - Incarceration - House arrest o Should be equal all people, discriminates against those who do not have a home - Probation - Electronic monitoring o Restricts movement, making sure you are complying with probation orders - Fines - Removal of privileges/opportunities o DD license is taken away o Violated young children with occupations dealing with children, will be removed from those occupations and restricted from association - Restitution to victim/community o Increasing call for victim restitution o Repaying to the community (i.e., vandalism, removing graffiti) - Death penalty - Corporal punishment o The ideal that we will inflict physical pain on the offender for the crimes that they’ve engaged in - Public shaming - Banishment/transportation Modern Banishment? The Case of Criminal Deportation - Landed immigrants/permanent residents deported to country of origin following arrest and conviction o Easy to exercise this, anyone convicted of a sentence with 2 or more years of prison time (before it was 10 years) o Why? Cost and the space of prisons, the idea that they are not true Canadians yet, solves the reoffending problem (cheaper than rehabilitation or incarcerating them) o Most of the convicted crimes are for drug trafficking - Cruel – but not so unusual punishment o How does this impact the offenders in question? o Many offenders who are deported had families/children that are Canadian o Is it over and above the threshold of justice and equilibrium - Negative impact on offenders – especially those who immigrated at a young age - Issue of collateral damage o Always talk about offenders feeling pain and be punished but what about family members and friends? o Families of deportees have to weigh factors of keeping the child in Canada or take them with them and risk education, employment opportunities o Deportation is common in Canada MARCH 4 TH2013 Special Guest Speakers : Hungry Eyes Film and Television inc. Home Again
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