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Lecture 10

WDW210 Lecture 10

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Jim Davies

thMARCH 11 2013 WDW210 Lecture 10 Tutorial Need a strong thesis statement and argumentso This paper will argue short and sweetleave the quote out for the body Why the reader is reading the paper and the significant of it State the thesis statement The first part second third fourth part will look at thisThe use of subject headings will help separate the paper and guide the readero Introductiono Background of capital punishment Last paragraph before the conclusion include an implication Make sure there is a flow from all the paragraphsDeath Penalty Academic resources Talk about how Canada does not the death penalty Talk about how stats have shown that the major of Canadians favour death penalty Include international stats and data on death penaltyo The pros and conso Introbackgroundperspective from Canadians advantagedisadvantagestats from countriesSentencing Issues and the Structure of Canadian CorrectionsBill C43The faster removal of foreign criminal act to amend the immigration and foreign refugee act 2013Allows for the faster deportation of permanent residents who have been sentenced to longer than 6 months previously was a 2 year threshold Does not distinguish between conditional and carceral sentenceseven though conditional sentences are often longer then would be given to someone sent to custody Deported after they serve their sentencedouble punishment Shifts the focus from more serious crimes indictable offences to petty summary convictions Can be applied to anyone who is not legally a Canadian citizen regardless of the amount of time they have lived in Canada Removes due process eliminates the opportunity for Appeal Will not take into consideration of whether the offender has lived in Canada their whole life whether the sentence is too harsh in comparison to general sentencing practices whether the offender poses a risk to society or not whether the offender may reoffend or whether the offender may be rehabilitated Passed its third reading in February 2013 and will probably be ratified given the Conservative majority
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