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University of Toronto St. George
Woodsworth College Courses
Dena Demos

03/18/2013 Police protest: - How political democracy responds to public dissent is a real challenge. The state is to prevent social disintegration; this is a major obligation of the state. On the other hand, the state must allow the public to voice their dissent towards how they are governed. o In a perfect world, these 2 obligations are balanced in importance and power. - What is public order policing? Police presence is not questioned or challenged, but their tactics are frequently challenged. - Police are deployed in events of public order crisis, they bring the law, communication, and force to events of public order issues. - The police have various legal instruments to disperse crowds and protestors. Police want to be in control of events, under their terms and rules. - The police can remove anyone from protest events for breaching the peace. Protest policing limits and ability is very broad. - During protests, the police has a very broad criminal statutes for arresting and removing people. They can remove people for singing, talking loudly, suspicious of violent outburst. - Police are constrained in 3 ways. - Police are subject to internal rules, there is far more oversight into the action of police in canada than most organizations. - Police view their function as a public service. police are very aware of public opinions, and shifts in policing styles has to do with shifts in public perception. - Police also are subject to the wider political culture, the democratic government style, conservative or liberal. Protest policing approaches: - escaladed conflict model. Control-focus oriented, strong show of force, and neglects charter rights and freedoms. The “hard hat” approach, means police are in riot gear. o Arrests are usually quickly followed from any violations of the law, sometimes arrests are done without any violation. Police can just pull people away and detain them. o People who give police a hard time and refuse to cooperate will be arrested and dragged away. Police arrest for
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