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Jason Ho Canadian History Page 1 JWH100Y1 September 11, 12 Origins: Canadian History to Confederation Lecture Notes Lecture One Scientific Theories  Beringia land bridge connecting Siberia to North America  Migration from Asia 70 000 – 14 000 years ago  8000 B.C. the ice shelf began to melt  Kennewick Man  Does not relate to the Natives that arrived over from the land bridge and dates back earlier to their arrival  Theories suggest they came from Africa Early Civilizations  Established after an era of hunting/gathering and finding a lush and warm environment to settle and start to cultivate agriculture and establish a permanent settlement such as:  Aztec  Maya  Inca  Mound Builders (Ohio) Migration Paths  Majority of the people that came over the land bridge moved either down south toward Central America or East Coast of North America known as “Northeastern Woodlands” Northeastern  Algonquian hunter/gatherer societies  4000 B.C. Climate change in eastern North America causing the ice shelf to recede flooding the land bridge and creating the ric
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