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University of Toronto St. George
Woodsworth College Courses
Ted Mock

th WDW346H1F Lecture Week 9 Nov 7 , 2012 Obama: The Democratic Demographic of urban American- young people and immigrants (Latino) and African American, single women tend to live in the city. Fewer White Christian voters Robert David comment on ABC: Republicans are a Mad Men party in a Modern Family world HR Planning: Detroit Bridge- Windsor Detroit Keystone pipeline- to bring the oil sand from Canada to the Texas Big issue for many companies Washington and Colorado legalise the marijuana Biggest scariest thing: Fiscal Cliff/ fiscal pacifist: The U.S. is going to approach the fiscal cliff in the first of January 2013 1) Tax increase: reduce the amount of money for spending 2) Huge cut in the government spending (less investing)- this could bring the economy back into a recession Reaching across the house House representative- Republican Senators: Democrate Lecture Downsizing and Restructuring Cameron- 3 Strategies 1) Workforce reduction- short term - Voluntary severance (make an offer of a package to group of employees and employees will be given a period of time if they want to choose the package, basically it a cash out based on your services, offer this an incentive for people to leave) or involuntary severance (we gave a person the package and the person gone without giving any choice to them, we want them to take the package to the independent counsel, the problem suing and not taking the package, you do not have the money and will take a long time to take it to the court), early retirement, hiring freeze (the very popular) and natural attrition (the way people leave naturally from the company) - Ted Mock discovers that in unionize company, the turnover rate is about 8% but in the non- unionized company is about 19%. Seniority is the job security in unionize company. The unionized company have voice through the bargaining process with the company. If you a unionized world- people reduce the turnover rate - Disadvantages using hiring and neutral attrition: People that usually want leave can find a better job voluntary to leave; slow process; no control who going to leave; the works still need to be done when people leave. - Not- (Constructive dismissal: the company has change your job in substantive way without your agreement, the court allow you to quit and sue the company for the constructive dismissal) - Employment Standard Act Ontario - For employment up to 3 months- no notice Notice Severance 1. 1 0 2. 2 0 3. 3 0 4. 4 0 5. 5 5 (10 weeks pay) 6. 6 7. 7 8. 8 Up till 26 26 weeks- 8+ 20 weeks - Notice can be in form of notice on in pay amount of the notice 2) Work redesign- medium term - ERP: Enterprise Resource Planning - SAP and Oracle: software system under ERP, huge software database - Most companies today they thinking about bring of SAP or Oracle, in order to do that, the entire work process in the company need to be re- design. It changes the job, the nature of job and sometimes, they are lay off or at least movement of the people in the organization - BPR: Business process re-engineering: what happen when ERP is coming using SAP and Oracle - Re-engineering often require fewer people because the system allow that to happen - The entire company need to for charted and eventually the company information’s have access to the same database a) competitive advantage work- Nike is the example in their design and marketing strategy in the house else is through the outsourcing b) Strategic support work- its supporting those people i.e., HR planning in parts of the organization, that provide
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