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th Lecture 1 WDW346H1F Sept 12 2012. • First project: analysis journal come with 5 best learning • Second project: Scanning exercise and choose any Canadian company, and scanning through the company • Third project: Trailing Spouse project: Family problem, assess the problem by the trailing spouse Focus on strategy What it mean to be strategic in HR? • Anticipate • Another plan • Maximize efficiency • Short term and long term goals • Find out people capacities and then exploit in the best way • Wise hiring decision • Look at goal of the company- keep an eye on to meet need • Keep up to the industry trends • Gain a competitive advantage- article Becker and Gerhart • Ensure all new employees buy into company vision • Training has to support the mission statement • Emergency planning- succession planning • Create policies/procedures that compliment business strategy • Support the company’s business plan/mission/vision/goals • The goals are constantly evolving • Buzz word in the HR- Strategic partner • Buzz word in the HR- Value-added • Buzz word in the HR Placed of the table- the executives • Human capital- capital (money) • Today, 75% is the soft capital and 25% the hard capital- put tremendous pressure on HR • Internal fit- everything we do in HR must support everything else we do in HR • Compensation: ownership plan: all employees in Westjet are required to be the owner of the company, so they can think like an owner • Example: new employees will leaves if they don’t have the internal fit in the company • Business strategy: What’s we do in HR has to support business strategy - Miles and Snow : Defender strategy Prospect strategy • Well established market • Extremely innovative share • First to market- need to be • Very stable industry- gov’t fast regulation; barriers entry • Risk taken • Typically settle for small gain • • Risk adverse defender Prospector Recruitment and Specific ability Culture matter Selection Internal recruitment- 80- Can leave job open 90% recruitment Highly motivate Can’t leave the job open Head hunters Organizational structure CEO has more say and Flat organization decision making Mobility Hierarchy- add to the stability of the Information spread faster
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