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University of Toronto St. George
Woodsworth College Courses
William Watson

9/13/2013 9:47:00 AM SOC395 LECTURE NOTES TH LECTURE 1 SEPTEMBER 13 Song of the day: Man Down #SOC395gunviolence When you think of gun violence what do you think of? -guns, gangs, America, poverty, vulnerability, police mortality, cocaine, video games *** remember that: be suspicious of taken for granted representations of gun violence. As sociologists we must debunk stereotypes and replace them with nuance phenomenon - who gets shot, who does the shooting. These are all partial truths and beneath the surface other things are happening. Two representations of gun violence Comes from a movie called heat from the 90s: Cops chasing the gang robber - medias portrayal and it looks exciting - looks unrealistic because only the cop and robber were on the street, big riffles - sense of heroism in the heat because cop stands next to a van looks like a wild west shooting. - action filled route 66 shooting: fight breaks out someone pulls out a gun and everyone leaves. Fight goes outside and the shooting continues - victims fled instead of calling for help -more realistic bc bystanders around and instead of running towards shooter all trying to escape. They are all scared and have fear of being shot - gun is seen as dangerous and people flee instead of trying to battle him Author we will read Collins: when we see violence in real life, the emotional content in the media never touch on the tension and fear in violence/combat. The second video, there are 2 guys pulling the gun, the second guy is shooting not loo
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