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Sarah Caskey

landscape mimicking what is happening internally externally A Field of Wheat 97RossoSinclair Ross was a defined Canadian prairie writeroHe worked in baking for some time which allowed him to witness the difficulties of the 1930s Economic Depression and aspirationdisappointment of Canadian prairie farmersA field of WheatoThemes of struggle and alienation are common themes in his workalong with themes of renewaloLandscape weather hail in his works are intense threatsbruiting quality awaiting to eruptoStrain of weather on agricultureoWeatherLandscapeAntagonistoHail StormAnimate Object and Evilit has a physical presenceoRoss employs personification to make the landscape seems hostileoPage 102 Description of hail stormoweather is curseddashing Martha and Jons hope for good crops and survival oIt crushes Martha and Johns aspirationsoMartha and Jons desire to stick with their farm and to make it work illustrates their ability and tendency to want to persevere though hardshipoWheatAnimate object competing claims and valueso p 98 top consider that the wheat is animate and alive and demanding bottomopersonification also helps to make the hailstorm alive and even diabolical p102 then the window brokeran up to close the door and came down whimpering oSinclair Ross focuses o
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