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Sarah Caskey

FrederickPhilipGroveLazybones51oReal interest transpires between Walter and Elizabeth Contrast between Elizabeth shes active and Walter whos lazy and still sleeping at the startoPhysical and emotional energy requiredElizabeth must have both to survive How Elizabeth is characterized is not stereotypical to that of how women of her time are depictedTheres more of an emphasis on her strength and composurerdoThe story is written in 3 person narration and is oriented to Elizabeths thoughtsLack of description on introduction of Walter merely a gruntoEmphasis on sense of isolation surroundingsBare Hills bare landscape and house LACK OF VEGETATIONISOLATIONoReversal of gender rolesoThe storys first sentence is key oBetrayal reveals not positive quality views societys view of her work ethic and timewomen were regarded more for their looks and not strength and ambitionoEmphasis on gray and lack of colouration Elizabeth always wears greyGreydominant form of colourUse colours to suggest lacking and wanting in terms of
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