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University of Toronto St. George
Woodsworth College Courses
John Vervaeke

Policing: Oct 27 Community Policing is a strategy Some adjectives used: preventative, and proactive. Zero tolerance policing: reactive type and preventative, or proactive policing When discussed very eras-the professional era utilize a type of police service known as reactive policing. For the police organization, the more reactive the style of policing is going to be the less control the organization is going to have over the workload.* Have citizens determining the workload when citizens have no idea what the resources are actually are particularly because police organizations are plagued with resource problems. The community has no sense of what the police organization resources actually are. 1) The first key to understand this shift is the way for the police to regain control over the resources and being able to prioritize calls. Criticism of reactive policing: focus on past events We want to interrogate how valid this criticism is by only responding by reactive; you are not able to achieve preventative component. When talking about reactive policing---talk about violating the criminal codebut preventive as well. A key feature of reactive policing is to address law violation. It also involves the notion of setting things rightaddresses the present and the future. Reactive policingby responding to past events they are going to deter future events. There is a qualitative difference between a law enforcement based on 911 dispatch or organizations themselves determined their workload. There is a false dichotomy between reactive and proactive policing.** Even with reactive policing, it is not as though the police are sitting around and waiting for the call to come in.not necessarily a past event that is going to trigger an response, it wasnt ever just reactive--- the police do go around in their cruisers. With proactive, it is the police organization themselves to determine which areas to saturate**this is the difference!! When it comes to community policing, it is the police organization that has the plan. What has community policing necessitated: www.notesolution.com
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