Nov 24 Policing Lecture Notes

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University of Toronto St. George
Woodsworth College Courses
John Vervaeke

Nov 24-Policing Course Outline: cover 3 topics; and 2 classes to do this. Absolutely need a full comprehensive lecture on private policing. Leaves two topics: too classes need to accomplish this. Question covering more or lessareas not hit on specifically in the final. Each question will deal with a specific topic. Format: identical to the midterm Still responsible for issues of transnational issues: ---responsible for MARK Neocluous**** on the exam. on New Science. Private Policing: Appears in a magazine of March 10, 2009. The title is Private cops take me down. While the policing services use to be the exclusive domain of the state, significant transformation in the past 40 years in Canada have resulted in the development of quite complex network. The state remains a significant player in delivering service. In terms of regulation, but growingly it is not the only institution involved in the protection of individual and belongings. A significant portion of policing activities are being performed by agencies that are being performed outside of the confines of the government. We are experiencing the pluralization of policing. ** Pluaralizaiton of policing:: outside of the government Policing is being offered by private companies and community groups. The state also provides private policing services. You can think of major events of lots of people together: and the need here to have a lot of bodiesyou see the state itself. Think of the Olympics for example. A significant use of private personnel and want to quantify this. 84 thousand personnel deployed across Canada, for public police there is 62 thousand. Public police officers were outnumbered. From 1996-2001---the number of public police officers grew at a rate of 6% versus a growth rate of 2% for private personnel. In 2001, the picture changes in 2001. Since 2001, there is exponential growth (because the public is so fearful). The number of police officers have remained stable. In the U.S., 3 times more private agents since 2001 than pubic police officer. Individual communities also stepped up their resources. Teachers in Ontario have to also assume that a surveillance kind of capability in Ontario Schoolsmonitoring, patrolling after and before school. In places like large commercial private companiesthey complement there is this facilitation that is occurring between the private and public police. For example, in every large city in Canada, business improved areas- hire private security firms to patrol streets. In many urban areasprivate security areas also patrol residential development. Each condominium hire private security firm to do policing. We have private companies involving in profiling of passengers boarding airplanes. To determine whether or not there are legitimate passengers. Have private policing everywhereranging from gated communities, retail stores, as well as social housing. Private security agents are policing you, watching the cameras. British social theorists He talks about carceralization of America* --David Garland talks about it. He links it to 2001It is not just about imprisoning bodies of colour everybody is under some surveillancewe have prisonshe talks about America about one big prisonone the one hand you have prisons, institutions and jail that are going to house and survey the poor. The poor and rich are subjected to some control. He suggests that private policing expansion is to blame for this carceraliztion of America. It increases fear. Along with the exponential growthin terms of home protection devices. Private policing is also expanding range of function to include things like forensic analysisthe exclusive domain if public police-they are involved with things like investigation with corporate fraud, to protect high tech companies from corporate crime. In terms of talking about private policing-what does it mean for the public police? What it meant is that it forced them to redefine themselves and discover new roles. This idea of being forced to redefine themselvesthey are constantly having to do this to relegitimate themselves. Look, the police are not effective or efficient in achieving crime.
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