Lecture Notes Policing Week 2

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University of Toronto St. George
Woodsworth College Courses
John Vervaeke

Policing Week Two: [email protected] first assignment: post 3 articles, canadian content, and youre going to be selecting one so writing from article peter manning or Michael lynch, and going to connect it to the the article to manning or lynch. Define police as institution, today, looking at better defining the policing function. Policing: is a preventive, protective and ordering technique of the government Politeuein: (pronounced politevin)-to engage in political activities Polis: City or State Denotes relationship and the state, and the political process. We can understanding police as standing between citizen and the state. Governance of security necessarily involves reference to some notion of order. In other words, to a set of explicit or implicit normative prescriptions about the way things ought to be. It is not the mandate of the police to produce a new order. On the contrary, their everyday actions are directed at reproducing the existing order (the normal and efficient state) and the order (system of rules) by which this is accomplished. They are one tool of policing in the wider sense of all government efforts aimed at disciplining, refining, and improving the population. As such, most of what they do it part of the social machinery of verifying and reproducing what is routinely assumed to be the case. R. Erickson Normative prescriptions: normative statements: what do we mean by normative? The way things should be or ought to be, subjectivity. (e.g. the police should be better armed, normative statement) Positive statement: factually indicated how they are. (e.g. the police carry guns, positive that it is based on facts through observation or based on research) Some sort of idea; a sense of what the status quo is that we want to protect. Also true of security as well, and the policethe quote above about goverance of security. LSATestablish a baseline. Schools, healthcare programs also---aimed at disciplining, refining, and improving the population. Not just policing keep us inline, but other things too-such as schools and healthcare. www.notesolution.com
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