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John Vervaeke

Law and Psychiatry: November 23, 2010 Topic 1: Women and Crime and the Law Topic 2: Women in psychiatry There has been a longstanding idea that these ideas are tangled before you get to mentally ill offenders. Number of criminologists that say women commit less crime then men in terms of womens rates of offending; registered recording convictions women commit much less crime than men. The rates of conviction for women offender does reflect the rate in the actual offending. Many years ago, Alison Morich in Cambridge and came out with 2 figures that across those jurisdictions that 45% of men and 15% of women would get a criminal conviction of some point in their life. That is a huge difference; highly statistically significantthe kind of things that social scientists feel the need to explain; that does not even reflect the difference. On top of that; womens crimes tends to be less serious than the men on averagethose women tend to be convicted of less crime. Some people may arguethat womens crime goes less reportedit may be true that proportion of womens crime is less than men would only report the fact that they report less then men. The more serious crime---directed at family and friends. Not a rare occurrencefrequent occurrence. The obvious question is why do women commit less crime then men? Alison Morrison says we have to be careful about making assumptions about this. She refers to some of the theories that we are going to talk about; based on assumptions we should be suspicious of. Couple of things we should bear in mind: She talks about social-psychoogical studies: women can just be as dishonest as men. She talks about the wayshe looks at other factors: social marginalization: they can have a huge impact on these crime statistics which suggest gender is not an overriding variable. The overall rate of offending in the U.S for African American women lower than afrian American womenbut women rates for African American were higher than the white men. Overall, her model is we shouldnt think of women as non-criminal, it doesnt really explain the difference; suspicious of explanation that makes that simple. Two criminologists who were working in Canada:
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