Lecture Notes Jan 11, 2011

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20 Jan 2011

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Legal Regulation of Morality
Socio-legal studies: a view brief introduction to the key principles
Overview of course readings, assignments, and general expectations
(no slides)
Grading Assignments: contact Anita –anita.lam@utoronto.ca
Course webmaster: Andrea
Crim students: going beyond criminal law to examine legal processes
more broadly, and gaining insight into moral effects of law.
Socio-legal studies:
Law in practice versus law in the books.
1940s and 1950s—back to doctrinal law teaching
1960s: new social movements stimulate law and society movement,
socio-legal research
European sociology of law tradition.
If really want to understand law you really need to go out there and see
what it has.
Law in action: socio-legal studies
E.g.. if you study inspector gadget study law in action
With the rise of the 1960s, it was then socio legal studies came.
In Europe, it was much more theoretical, it theorized law from a
sociological perspective.
Socio-legal studies principle one: the fluditiy and pluralism of
Law does not have a fixed boundary law isnt just what is taught at
law school, not what just the law says, e.g. stopsigns, airport security
(airport security is more pluralism-it ie the measures the airport
security without passing anything to parliament) health and safety
regulation, etc.
Internet regulation is a huge part of law in technology.
Intellectual property law that is how bill gates gets so rich. (hugely
Formal sate law shades into regulation, b oth state and private (e.g.
university codes of conduct) so for example, if you get expelled for
plagaraism, not law part of the state, but private law.
Formal law coexists with informal or customary law. Customary law is
unwritten law. There is a customary unwritten law of what people do
in class. What are some of the tenants? Not talking in class, you just
wouldnt think of doing it.
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