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Major Issues in Policing The Police Culture Core ValuesWe are the only crime fightersNobody can understand policing and crime but those who have worn the badge and patrolled the streetspeople have no right to critique the police due to thisLoyalty to colleagues counts above all else Police officers have to stick together because everyone is out to get usthe police are often seen as a paramilitary group they are on a war against crime In this war it is the police versus all potential enemies everywhereIt is impossible to fight crime effectively without bending the rules Criminals have too many civil rights if we did not bend the rules crime would be rampant you gotta do what you gotta do The media and members of the public are generally unsupportive and quick to criticize the police unless they need oneexample of profs friend reading Toronto Star and being chastised by other officerPatrol work is the pits Detective work is glamorous exciting and rewardinghurts the quality of patrol people want to escape the patrol routine Can be juxtaposed with same situation in Academia best profs dont teach o Qualitative work done in the 70s but may be under Hawthorne effect so must take information with grain of salt The Cops Code RuessIanni and IanniWatch out for your partner firstthen the rest of the guys on your shiftDont give up another cop the code of silence blue wall of silencestrong incentives not to snitch hurt their economic future etcShow courageprove themselves to their colleaguesBe aggressivebut not too eagermany downsides to being too eager burning out making other officers look bad etc This happens for all occupations Dont get involved in another cops sector unless invitedpatrol your damn area making people look bad Hold up your end of the work Dont leave work for the next tourOfficers generally dont arrest at the end of their shifts because the informal rule does not allow them to pass on the paperworkIf you get caught off base dont implicate another officerMake sure other cops in your unit know that a guy is crazy corrupt or dangerousExample of OJ Simpson case police officer he was a crazy racist and no one even in the police worked with him he was a lone wolfDont trust the new guysuntil they prove themselvesDont talk too muchor too little The Police Working Personality
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