Lecture 1 Jan 12th 2012 WDW325H1 Professor Breese-Davies

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University of Toronto St. George
Woodsworth College Courses
David Davies

Todays lecture Overview of the criminal procedure o Key players in the system o Key features of the systemIntroduction to the Charter Key players in the systemParliamentmakes substantiveprocedural lawsPoliceinvestigate crimethe police have a huge amount of power they investigate the entire case and gather the evidence They also decide whether to lay charges or not Crown Attorneypresent prosecution caseIn Ontario they play no role in the laying of the charges However they decide whether to prosecute and how to prosecute They have the power to withdraw charges if they feel there is not enough evidence They also have the power to negotiate plea bargains Defence counselrepresents defendantThey attempt to prevent the crown from proving beyond a reasonable doubt Or present a formal defense provocation selfdefence etc Defendantcan represent themselves otherwise have a defence counsel and they are relatively silent throughout the process Lawyers do all of the speaking Judge
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