January 16 (Week 2) 2012

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Woodsworth College Courses
Scot Wortley

Week 2 Criminal Justice January 16 2012The Structure and Role of the Police in Canadian SocietySubstantive Justicethe correctness of the law and the accuracy of case outcomesex old laws may not be fair in its substantive formexare the right ppl being arrested are ppl being rightfully convicted truly guilty Procedural Justicethe fairness of the procedures used to arrive at the verdict in the case ex discuss legality of evidence collection fairness of treatment of charged individuals dont really reflect issue of guiltyinnocence no beating a confession out of a suspectHow ppl feel theyre treated by the CJS has a lot to do with how they view the CJSIf they feel treated unfairly less likely to comply with law with systemThe Adversarial System y Both parties the policeprosecution on one side and the accuseddefense on the other hope to win the case y Trail is heard by an impartial factfinder the judge who ensures that proper legal procedures are followed make decision on fairness of trial questioning how the evidence was gathered etc y The result should be a fair transparent prosecution and trial Benefits of the Adversarial System y Clear division of roles and responsibilities ex prosecution for state defense for accusedrep client as best they can no matter what their personal thoughtseveryone who enters the system deserves an advocate y System is designed to hear evidence from both sides
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