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TITLE MAJOR ISSUES IN POLICING RDDATE JAN 23 2012The Police Culture Core ValuesWe are the only crime fightersNobody but us understand policing an crime but those who have worn the badge and patrolled the streetsLoyalty to colleges above all else mostly due to history because their roots in military war against crime so they are at war with anyone who is not a police officer the general public are potential enemiesIt is imposible to effectively fight crime and bring criminals to justice without bending the rules of evidence because civil rights of criminals is too much and prevent us from catching criminals without bending the rulesMedia and other members of the public are genereally unsupportive and quick to criticize untile they need oneLastly patrol work is the pits detective work is glamarous exciting and rewardingThe Police Culture Core Values The media and members of the public are generally unsupportive and quick to criticize the police unless they need onePatrol work is the pitsDetective work is glamorous exciting and rewarding it is what you strive for being a homocide detectie is the peak of professionalism within the police force many have argued that this has hurt the quality of patrol ambitious officers do not want to spend a lot of time on patrol want to move up the career ladder The Cops CodeRuessIanni and Ianni husband and wife team studied police for almost a decade ride alongs free access and were able to observe the cop code at least in new york city y Watch out for your partner first strong loyaltythen the rest of the guys on your shift then the rest of police department y Dont give up another cop the code of silence or blue wall of silence hurt the chances that the others will have your back safety issues and hurts chance of career promotion opportunities are strong incentives not to snitch y Show courage show fellow officers you can take on dangerous stuff y Be aggressivebut not too eager particularly when it comes to arrests a lesson young officers get from older officers youn people are eager to arrest looking to arrest every wrong doing they see to look good and climb up Senior officers try to slow them down so they do not burnout or make other officers without the same energy ie older officers look bad in comparison same as other occupational subcultures y Dont get involved in another cops sector Unless invited even if you hear a call for that area or are in that area dont because you do not want the others to look up y Hold up your end of the work dont try and pass up paperwork dont make arrests at end of shift and pass off the arrest to nect offiverDont leave work for the next tourThe Cops Codey If you get caught off base doing something icnorrect or illegal or unprofessionaldont implicate another officer y Make sure other cops in your unit know that a guy is crazy corrupt or dangerous
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