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Woodsworth College Courses
William Watson

Major issues that often are not discussed Police do a good issue about talking about issues and societies Issues police officers are uncomfortable about when you talk about themOccupational culture that develops within the culture What are the core values How do they differ from other cultures Observing police officers at the station Officers know that they are being studied Hawthorne affectPolice subculture is that we are the only crime fighters and understand the dangers of the street the culture of the street etc they will listen to other police offers but not anyone elseAnother core value is that no one else but police officers know what they do Unless you have a badge have made an arrest shooting you cannot make a comment about usPolice officers have to stick together Engaged in a war against crime They are at war Who are they at war with Anyone who is not a police officer Can be friends or enemies Us against them Focus that we must be loyal to each other because our enemies will bring us down Cynicism and paranoia can affect viewing with the outside worldCivil rights have been rendered to such a great extent that you have to bend the rules sometimes to fight crimeMedia and members of the public are generally unsupportive and quick to judge the police until they need them Until they safety is threatenedThis does not mesh with Canadian public Pop in Canada are generally supportive of police So why is it that the police feel this wayCops do not read toronto star If you read this paper you might be seen as someone who is potentially dangerousDetective work is what you strive for A homicide detective is the peak until you go to chief Officers who are ambitious do not want to spend time on patrol they want to climb the ladder quickly and skip patrol workHusband and wife team studied police department in NY for a decade Made a lot of police friendsFound strong loyalty to the person you work side by side with Then with to the rest of the people you work withDO NOT SNITCH Case of G20 Blue wall of silence
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